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        地  址:廣東省惠州市惠城區小金口柏崗村尾一路14
        電  話:0752-5781702
        傳  真:0752-3083866

        郵  箱:sales03@bzxin.com;







        Company was founded in Aug. of Y2008 and re-organized to Huizhou Chuangfeng Tech Corporation Ltd, in Otc. of Y2018. To pursue more precise product and higher standard, Chuangfeng Tech invest much in construction of long span workshop and factory, continuously import world class production equipment, we are one of the top modern companies in pearl river delta.  


        “Quality first, Credibility, Customer service, Continuous innovation” is our action guidance. In the future, we will continuously invest on R&D, improve our innovation and new product development capability, get stable growing business performance to be a Century’s standing enterprise. Basing in Pearl River delta and having a view of the whole world with the attitude of striving for excellence.


        Cooperation, Innovation, transcendence, Huizhou Chuangfeng Tech Corporation Ltd hand in hand with you.

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